What Does a “Blown” Head Gasket Mean?

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A “blown” head gasket means that the head gasket has cracked. The engine damage is as serious as it sounds. This being said, HCS Auto Repair can partially rebuild your engine to replace the head gasket. For those who have a special relationship with their automobiles, this repair is worth it. Let’s talk more about what will happen when the head gasket cracks in the engine.

A Low Level of Coolant

Once the gasket cracks, the engine will be left with a low level of coolant that will not be enough to keep it cool. Part of what the head gasket does is prevent the coolant from leaking into the cylinders in the cylinder block. Naturally, when the gasket cracks, the coolant will do just what it was designed to prevent it to do. It will leak out of the engine and into the cylinders.

An Overheating Engine

Of course, this is going to cause your engine to overheat. In fact, this may be your first indication that you have a blown head gasket. You may be driving along and all of a sudden, the temperature gauge will start to rise. Unfortunately, you can pull over and add coolant to the engine, but it won’t do any good. There is still a crack in the head gasket through which the coolant will leak.

In addition, the head gasket protects the engine from the heat that is produced in the cylinder block. Once the head gasket blows, the heat will make its way into the engine. Consequently, you’ve got two problems that are causing the engine to run too hot. As such, your engine is going to overheat whenever you start it. The only way to stop the overheating is to replace the head gasket.

Coolant Mixed With the Oil

This excess heat is one reason why we recommend you avoid driving your automobile until the head gasket is replaced. Another reason is that the coolant in the motor oil will combine into one fluid. Consequently, this fluid will circulate through the engine and cause unnecessary damage.

White Exhaust Smoke

Finally, when the head gasket blows and the coolant leaks into the cylinders, it is burned away during engine combustion. This will create white exhaust smoke. You may look in your rearview mirror and see white smoke behind your automobile.

We are HCS Auto Repair in Rogers, AR, or Springdale, AR, and we are here to help. Do not hesitate to give us a call if you believe you need a new head gasket.

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