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dieselDiesel drivers are a special breed. Whether you drive a personal diesel vehicle or you pilot one of these impressive vehicles for work, like a box or delivery truck, or a Mercedes Sprinter van, you know the power these engines can and do provide. So when it comes time to service or repair these vehicles, what do you do? A lot of auto repair shops won’t work on diesel engines, and the dealership will cost a fortune. Lucky for you, whether you are behind the wheel of a vehicle with a Power Stroke, Cummins, or Duramax engine, the experts in diesel repair in Springdale, AR, can be found at HCS Auto Repair.

Diesel Service Springdale AR

Diesel engines, surprisingly to some, need far less attention than their gasoline counterparts, but scheduled services are still required to keep things running right. Services like oil changes and scheduled 30/60/90k milestone check-ups are still required for diesel engines, and having an auto repair shop on your side to make sure these things are completed in a timely manner is invaluable. At HCS Auto Repair, our team of diesel mechanics is waiting and willing to help you get and stay current on your diesel engine services, so why not bring your truck or fleet vehicle by today?

Diesel Repair Springdale AR

Be it Power Stroke, Cummins, or Duramax, eventually that diesel engine is going to need repairs. And when that time comes, the experts at HCS Auto Repair are here to help. Our team can handle any diesel repair in Springdale, AR, that your vehicle might need, from engine repair to transmission repair to brakes and everything in between. So when your diesel engine vehicle needs repairs, make sure you get it into the bays at HCS Auto Repair.

Diesel Repair Near Me

So when you are driving your diesel vehicle and you have a problem, you know your first stop should be HCS Auto Repair. Our team is uniquely qualified to work on diesel engine vehicles, from personal diesel trucks to bigger delivery and box trucks. These engines aren’t able to be worked on by just any auto repair mechanic, so when your diesel engine needs diesel repair in Springdale, AR, make your first and only destination the bays at HCS Auto Repair. Our team is waiting to help, so make an appointment today!

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