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tires and alignmentWhen you are driving your car, the only part of it that actually touches the road is the tires. With that in mind, you can understand why we here at HCS Auto Repair urge all Springdale, AR, drivers to make sure that your tires and wheels are in tip-top shape at all times. That means watching out for tread wear and damage, as well as making sure your tires and wheels are perfectly aligned at all times. So when it comes to the four tires that carry your car from point A to point B, you’ll want to trust all the services and repairs to the pros at HCS Auto Repair.

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If you’ve found this page, you are no doubt in the market for tires. Do you need new tires? Tire repair? Something else? Don’t worry; here at HCS Auto Repair, we do it all. If you’ve found that you’ve picked up a nail or a screw, or you have a slow leak in your tires, we can help you get that tire repaired and save you the cost of replacing it. If your tread is worn or your tires are damaged beyond a simple repair, our team of tire experts is here to help you find the right tires for both your car and your budget. Unlike the chain tire stores, we get to know you and your needs before we suggest a set of tires, so you know whatever your car needs, we can help. 

Wheel Alignment Springdale AR

A big part of making sure your tires are safe is making sure they are properly aligned. Alignment is the process of making sure that all four of your tires are perfectly aligned up with one another, and that they all hit the road at the same angle and frequency. This helps your car drive better, and also helps your tires wear more evenly. If you suspect your car’s tires are out of alignment in Springdale, AR, then our team of experts would be happy to take a look.

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When you need wheel alignment or tire services in Springdale, AR, turn to the experts at HCS Auto Repair. Our team of tire service experts can handle anything your wheels and tires might require, and we are waiting to assist you and make sure you stay safe out there on the road. Make an appointment or swing by today!

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