Common Diesel Engine Problems

We repair diesel engines, so if your diesel automobile starts to have problems, head straight to our shop. We are going to list the common problems diesel engines face below. Do not worry. These problems can be normal in the lifespan of a diesel engine. This does not necessarily mean that your vehicle is a lemon. Let’s talk more about this.

Hard Starts/No Start

It is not abnormal for the diesel engine to crank a few times before it starts. It is abnormal for the diesel engine to crank several times before it starts. Generally, if you start to have problems getting the diesel engine to ignite, it’s time to replace the glow plugs. One or more may be malfunctioning and unable to produce enough heat in the combustion chamber for combustion to begin.

Lack of Power

If you are also experiencing power loss after you have started the diesel engine, you may have a fuel-delivery problem in the engine that is creating the difficult starts and the power loss. For example, if it is been over 30,000 miles since you have had the fuel filter replaced, it could be clogged. You may also have clogged injectors or too much lubrication in the diesel engine.

Fuel Contamination

If you poured diesel fuel and gasoline side-by-side, you would see the diesel fuel is thicker. This also means it is more susceptible to contamination. Unfortunately, if the fuel system is compromised, it can be easy for water, soot, or glycol to contaminate the diesel fuel. If the contamination makes its way into the engine, it can damage your diesel engine. Make sure to have the fuel system serviced regularly.

Excess Black Exhaust

Sometimes, there may be too much fuel in the combustion chamber because you have a clogged air filter. You may also end up with additional fuel in the chamber because one of the fuel injectors is leaking. Two other things that can increase the fuel delivery are a faulty turbocharger or an EGR valve that is broken. All of these things can cause excess black exhaust to flow out of the tailpipe.

Oxidized Oil

If your diesel automobile has been sitting without running for months, the motor oil has oxidized. As such, it is crucial that you avoid driving the diesel automobile. Rather, have it towed to our shop so we can change the oil. The air bubbles in the oxidized oil can damage the engine.

Too Much Noise

Finally, a diesel engine will produce too much noise if there is something wrong under the hood. For example, if the fuel injectors need to be replaced, the diesel engine will knock loudly while you are operating the vehicle.

Again, we can repair your diesel engine. Call us today to set up a service visit.

Photo by Scharfsinn86 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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