Exhaust Manifolds Can Crack if They Get Too Hot

The title of this blog post is true. If your car’s exhaust manifold is subjected to excessive heat over and above the heat it already endures, it may crack. The same is true with the exhaust manifold’s gasket. HCS Auto Repair can replace your cracked exhaust manifold. Here are signs you’ve got one.

An Engine Filled With Exhaust

The exhaust manifold is attached to the engine block so it can take the exhaust out of the combustion chamber. Once it has the exhaust, it sends it to the catalytic converter. When the exhaust is in the chamber, it interferes with engine combustion; this is why it’s removed. If the manifold makes, the exhaust will return to the chamber and reduce your engine’s performance.

A Noticeable Change in Fuel Economy

Unfortunately, this also means that it will reduce the fuel economy. The engine will struggle to produce combustion, and, as such, use more fuel. You will find the number of days between your visits to the service station has decreased because a full tank does not last as long.

Strange Tapping or Popping Noises

The engine can also make strange noises if the exhaust manifold or gasket is cracked. Usually, the exhaust will pop when it seeps out of the manifold. It may also tap. It is easiest to detect these noises after you have started your engine and before it heats up.

An Overheating Engine

Speaking of heating up, the crack in the exhaust manifold can overheat the engine because the exhaust leaking out of it is very hot. If your engine has started to run hotter than normal and you smell burning engine parts, you’ve probably got an engine filled with exhaust.

Noticeable Exhaust Odors

When the exhaust fills the engine, it can easily blow through the vents and into the interior of your automobile. Consequently, you will smell exhaust while you are driving your vehicle. You do not need us to tell you that you should not breathe in the exhaust. This cannot only make you sick but can also be fatal. Pull over and call for a tow truck.

An Illuminated CEL

One final sign that you have a leaking exhaust manifold is an illuminated check engine light. Your engine is filled with sensors that detect problems and report them to the main computer chip. This will cause the chip to turn on the CEL.

HCS Auto Repair in Springdale, AR, or Rogers, AR, would be happy to help. Call our shop today to set up a service visit if you believe the exhaust manifold or gasket is cracked in your automobile.

Photo by Fertnig from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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