Why Are My Headlights Dim and Flickering?

If your headlights are dim and flickering, your vehicle may have an electrical problem. When the lights do not shine at their normal brightness or flicker, this is an indication that they are not getting enough electricity or an unsteady stream of electricity, respectively. Problems with your vehicle’s lights are just one sign that your automobile has electrical problems. Here are other signs.

Slow/Malfunctioning Accessories

The headlights and the other vehicle lights are not the only things that are affected by a malfunctioning electrical system. Your power accessories can also be affected if the electrical system needs to be repaired. In severe cases, the accessories may stop working. For example, your navigation system may stop working. Power accessories such as your windows may also slow down.

Difficult Starts/Dead Battery

Sometimes, an electrical system problem reveals itself when you try to start your automobile. For example, if it has become difficult to get your vehicle started, you may have an electrical system problem that is draining the battery of its charge. For example, the phantom drain can take the charge out of the battery. In addition, a malfunctioning alternator can fail to recharge the battery.

Burning Wire/Rubber Smells

Unfortunately, sometimes an electrical system problem can get dangerous. If you smell burning wires or burning rubber in your automobile, this is a sign that the electrical system is too hot. One thing that can increase the heat in the electrical system is the alternator. If it is malfunctioning and producing too much voltage, it will overload the electrical system and fry the wiring.

Fuses That Blow All the Time

Unfortunately, the overload will also affect your vehicle’s fuses. They will start to blow intermittently, and you will have to replace them regularly. Generally speaking, you should never have to replace a fuse in your automobile. If this is your regular practice, bring your vehicle to our shop because there is a problem with the electrical system. It is surging in certain places.

Dashboard Warning Light

Finally, you may end up with an illuminated battery light on the dashboard if the electrical system needs to be repaired. This light covers the electrical system, including the battery and alternator.

Do not worry. We are a full-service auto shop ready to take care of your automobile as if it were our own. Call us today if you are having electrical problems with your vehicle. We can find the problem and fix it.

Photo by teddyleung from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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